For Women

Hazrat Mohammad Noorul Amin

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How much ever a women beautifies herself with makeup for her husband, it is considered worship. By doing this she draws her husband’s heart closer to herself and safeguards his thoughts and sight from other women. With this intention in mind, such beautification entitles significant reward for the wife, as if she were performing nawaafil. This is the extent of ease in Deen. However, the moment she wears even a ring for show-and-tell in front of other women, it is haram. Sadly, such competition is the focus in today’s gatherings. Although the accusation is denied, there is an inner desire for appreciation from others.

If an individual is wearing a particular item for personal happiness and pleasure, then it is allowed. But to do so in order to show others, this is haram. There is no sin in making even an enormous palace for ones individual joy. Yet wearing a watch, or wearing a coat, or making a particular door, even any insignificant object which is displayed for show, is not allowed. To expect positive commentary from others or an increase in status within relatives is haram.

Don’t prevent womenfolk from attending gatherings, allow them to go, but tell them to attend in the attire which they regularly adopt at home. Then we will see who attends. In Hadeeth, it is related that such gatherings for show-and-tell will raise intense rage amongst women on the Day of Judgement. They will grab at each others collars and accuse one another for wasting their time here in the world.

Then there are pious individuals to whom Allah has given some blessings, when they go into such a society, they hide these possessions. In Akhlaq [manners/conduct] we are taught, that if your children live in luxury, and you prepare lavish cuisine for them, when the neighbors children are present, do not even give such things as a gift. Don’t bring items of luxury in front on them in order to prevent any desire in their hearts from developing. To prevent them from thinking, “I wish I had such and such item.” These are the teachings of Akhlaaq.






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